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Iran visited the Kileh Shin Union Youth Committeein the mountains of Kurdistan.




A delegation from the Kurdistan Youth Union in Iran headed by “Jalal Rawangard” visited the “Kileh Shin” Committee of the Democratic youth union of iranian kurdistan in the mountains of Kurdistan. They also met the two deputies who were selected at the Ninth Youth Conference. They also met part of the youth union ranks.


During the visit, the delegation held a special seminar for deputies who were selected for the 9th Democratic youth union of iranian kurdistan Conference in the”Kileh Shin”Committee.


They also talked about how to arrange things and preparations in the symposium for the ninth conference of the Democratic youth union of iranian kurdistan Committee “Kileh Shin”.



Jalal Rawangard also held several political meetings in various fields, especially about struggle of the Democratic Party He also talked about the role of the youth union in that struggle.


The ninth conference of the Youth Union will be held as (Rasan Youth) Conference And will carry the slogan “Union of power, in order to strengthen RASAN