PDKI leader Mustafa Hijri

The oppressive and discriminatory policies of the Islamic Republic in Iran and its meddling and destructive role in the Middle East are interlinked and cannot be separated from each other since its domestic and foreign policies are based on the regime’s ideology and will remain so in the future.


In the past, the international community, as well as human rights organizations, have criticized the Iranian regime’s policies, and the regime has even faced international sanctions. These sanctions were intended to bring about a change in the policies of the Islamic Republic. However, insofar as change has happened in Iran’s policies, it has been for the worse. As we have witnessed in recent years, Iran’s oppressive policies at home and its destructive behaviour in the Middle East have continued unabated and even with vigour.

The reason for this is that the regime not only believes it is doing the right thing in accordance with its ideology of Islamist rule at home and exporting the Islamic revolution abroad, but that it in fact entitled to weaken other governments in the world, in particular governments in the Muslim world that are not submissive to the Islamic Republic or who do not share its ideology.